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Cadet Activities

Cadet Activities:

The weekly squadron meeting is the venue where cadets experience their program the most. Special activities on weekends and in the summer further energize the cadets, but it is the 52 weekly squadron meetings during a cadet’s membership year that will have the greatest impact on them.

Weekly meetings are where the squadron provides activities that help the cadet qualify for promotions and advance in the program. Hands-on activities are always preferred to dull lectures. Organizing a successful weekly squadron meeting requires lots of planning and coordination, with the adult and cadet staffs working together.

During their first year in CAP, each cadet should expect to participate in most of the following activities:


Color guards & drill teams

Leadership training

Hiking & camping

Obstacle courses

Emergency services

Field trips & tours

Model rocketry


Social events for making friends


Active squadrons have active, motivated cadets. Every squadron should offer a well-planned, exciting meeting every week, plus at least one special Saturday event per month.

Finally, local leaders should encourage every cadet to attend the annual encampment, which is usually a week-long event held during summer or winter break at a nearby military installation.

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